About TahoeClim

Climate has a pervasive influence in the Lake Tahoe Basin. The fluctuations of weather and climate constitute a major environmental driver for the region. Hydrologic process are greatly affected by average and extreme conditions experienced around the lake. Air quality within the basin is affected by meteorological conditions, which in turn affect flow trajectories, and the transport and transformation of atmospheric constituents related to air quality and basin visibility. Vegetative growth and fire conditions are significantly determined by atmospheric conditions, and decisions on the timing of controlled burns and firefighting operations during wildfires need to be based on the most accurate and current meteorological conditions. In addition, climate and weather are integral to the recreation-based economy in both summer and winter.

The goal of TahoeClim is to assemble a database of meteorologic and atmospheric data relevant to the Lake Tahoe Basin that can be utilized by a variety of users for research, management, public health and safety, and educational purposes.TahoeClim will continually be updated as relevant data sets are acquired and incorporated in the database. The TahoeClim project also seeks to highlight gaps in current Tahoe Basin environmental monitoring activities and seek to augment and improve measurements at selected sites.

TahoeClim is a joint collaboration between University of California, Davis and the Desert Research Institute and funded through SNPLMA (Southern Nevada Land Planning and Management Agency).