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TahoeClim provides access to climatological and meteorological data in and around the Lake Tahoe Basin from a variety of networks and organizations.

To access data for an individual station, use the station finder tool or select a marker on the map or table.

To access gridded climate data, data tools, and other information, use the links below the map.

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Station Finder
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Climate Data

California Climate Tracker The California and Nevada Climate Trackers use COOP and PRISM data to account for the complex terrain's effect on climate throughout the state and observe variability in temperature and precipitation. more »
Nevada Climate Tracker
RCC Climate Anomaly Maps from HPRCC Various climate anomaly maps and tables for temperature and precipitation variables for the Continental United States selectable by region. more »
WRCC Climate Anomaly Maps Various climate anomaly maps and tables for temperature and precipitation variables for the Western United States selectable by state. more »
North American Freezing Level Tracker This analysis tool allows one to track through time the height of the freezing level (0 C or 32 F) above sea level. more »
Westmap Tool The Western Climate Mapping Initiative is a toolbox that allows users to access and map climate data and create time series plots for the western United States. more »
Westmap for Lake Tahoe The Western Climate Mapping Initiative toolbox customized for Lake Tahoe. Create time series plots of temperature and precipitation for three regions in the Tahoe area. more »

Model Outputs

Forecast and historic MM5 and WRF atmospheric models for the Tahoe Basin.

Geographic Information Systems

Download GIS shapefiles for all active (as of 09/01/2013) stations in the Tahoeclim domain.
Download GIS shapefiles for all stations in the Tahoeclim domain.

Tahoe Basin Imagery

NASA-JPL Total Sky Image Sky images taken every 5 minutes at Tahoe City, CA displaying cloud cover over the lake. Available from 19 July 2006-present.
USGS Lake Tahoe Data Clearinghouse Maps, GIS data, satellite imagery, Lake Tahoe geology and geography.
WRCC Webcam at Desert Research Institute Three cameras imaging the sky over Reno, NV that update every minute. 1 hr and 24 hr animations available.
TERC "Lake Tahoe In Depth" Video A 3-D tour of Lake tahoe and its watershed, as well as exploration of the effects of urbanization, invasive species, and climate change in and around the Lake.

Tahoe Weather Links

Official and unofficial weather forecasting resources for the Lake Tahoe basin.


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